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Krita & Penna
is an illustration company

We are illustrators & Storytellers!

We turn our clients’ vision and ideas into powerful visuals using innovative illustrations and storyboards

Welcome to the magical world of Krita and Penna where the smell and feel of Chalk and Pencil takes us back to the world we imagined as kids! Krita & Penna, which means ‘Chalk and Pencil’ is a design company that breathes life into the mudane.

At K&P we tell stories, visually. K&P is an attempt to bring together the innocence, the freshness of childhood and a new grown up cosmopolitan sensibility in our designs. A pleasantly startling humour, a different colour palette - a different take on everyday life. We aim to make you smile with our designs. All this with a meticulous attention to detail and Quality with a capital Q!

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